About Beth

Beth Miller has a Masters degree in Counseling and is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. She has over

25 years of experience working with children and their parents as a parent educator, counselor and

parenting coach. She is passionate about helping parents create positive changes in their family life.

Beth's background includes teaching students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders

and guiding students as a high school counselor. Beth provided education and support as a

Parent Counselor and Program Director at Tuesday's Child in Chicago. Beth’s passion for helping

families led her to the Parent Coach Certification® program at the Parent Coaching Institute, in

affiliation with Seattle Pacific University. ​Beth is certified to teach The Art of Positive Parenting (TAPP) a program which "focuses on helping parents create a healthy, mutually respectful family environment." The TAPP program provides parents with valuable skills in positive communication, effective discipline, conflict resolution and problem solving. 

Beth and her husband are the parents of three beautifully imperfect sons who have been her best teachers.

She has been a liaison to the Family Action Network and served as co-chair of the parent education

committee at New Trier High School which focuses on social and emotional learning. Beth most enjoys 

yoga, paddle boarding, and family dinners. She resides in Wilmette, a suburb of Chicago. 

About Parent Coaching

As a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Beth provides support and guidance to parents looking to

improve the parent-child relationship, daily family interactions, or other aspects of family life.

You may feel as though your kids don't listen to you. Or perhaps you have somehow lost control

and with it some of the joy of parenting. Maybe you are caught in power struggles and end up

yelling and threatening far more than you imaged. Beth helps reduce frustration and expand your 

parenting "tool box". She listens intently, asks key questions, provides information, and offers specific

suggestions to help implement positive changes in your family life. 

When working with Beth, you will learn effective ways to communicate with your children and new strategies to manage difficult behaviors.  Beth will help you gain a greater awareness of age appropriate expectations, sibling relationships and family dynamics. As you practice new ways of interacting and responding to your children, attitudes and behaviors improve and mutual respect grows. After working with Beth, parents feel more confident with renewed energy and optimism for the job of parenting. Children become more responsible and respectful. Family life shifts from chaos to calm with fewer feelings of frustration and greater moments of joy.

Parent coaching is a partnership between coach and parent where family ideals and priorities are identified and realized. It is a collaborative process that helps you evaluate what is presently working within your family and what needs to be addressed. The knowledge and insight you have regarding your family is paired with Beth’s professional experience to maximize your family’s strengths, successfully navigate parenting challenges, put effective tools to work and create positive life long changes.

Create a parent support group for your workplace, neighborhood or school!​

Email Beth for more information:  beth@bethmillerparentcoach.com

Beth Miller, M.Ed., Certified Parent Coach